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Welcome to Royalty Quilts Where You Can Turn Your Bedroom Into A Royal Suite!

    We have always loved beautiful quilts. So much so that we had to have our own quilt store. Now we can handle all kinds of designs and patterns. For our customers we guarantee friendly, honest, and quality service with fantastic quality quilts. 

    Take all the time you need to browse each and every quilt we have.  These are all wonderful hand made quilts. We hope you will enjoy your new quilt as much as we do!! 

    The following index will guide you to our pages: Page 1 Click ONE for the 2014 quilt collection. Page 2 Click TWO for the 2014 quilt collection. Page 3 Click THREE for the 2014 quilt collection. Page 4 Click FOUR for the 2014 quilt collection. Page 5 Click FIVE for the 2014 woven collection. Page 6 Click SIX for the 2014 woven collection. For the home page Click HOME

        To celebrate Royalty Quilt's 14th year in business, we are offering free shipping when you buy a quilt ensemble costing at least $200. Orders of at least $250.00 receive 10% off their total. Orders of at least $350.00 received 15% off their total. These specials offer you, our customer, a really special value!! For these specials, a minimum ensemble consist of one quilt, two shams, one bedskirt, and two pillows. So take advantage of our free shipping offer and ensemble discount now on quilts and all the accessories! Plus, no sales tax (except Oklahoma residents)! So please take advantage of this special offer! 

    A must see for 2014: The Woven Collection! Superior woven material in the most beautiful, rich colors imaginable! The Woven Collection is truly special as they can transform any room into the most majestic and inviting of spaces. You must see The Woven Collection now on pages 5 and 6! 


    Taking care of your quilt will enhance its beauty and usefulness for many years. We offer the  following suggestions to assist you in caring for your quilt. We recommend these guidelines regardless of how care tags attached to products may read. Please keep in mind that dark colors, even when pre-washed, can fade or bleed onto lighter colors. Following these guidelines and dye setting instructions does not make Victorian Heart liable for damage that may occur. Victorian
Heart can not be responsible for items that have been washed or dry cleaned, nor do we accept returns for items that have been washed or dry cleaned. Quilts, Quilted Accessories (pillows, bed ruffles, placemats, runners, shams, ect.), Throws, Toddler Throws, Glynda Turley© Wall Hangings & Pillows, and Mini Quilts.

    The agitator in home washing machines can and often will cause damage to hand quilting. It is recommended that a commercial front loading washer be used. Quilts with crochet appliqué should never agitate in a washer. The crochet may be pulled loose and will likely shrink even in cold water.

    Before washing the item the first time the dye will need to be set. Set the washer to Delicate and fill the washer with cold water to the point that your quilt will not be crowded, but fully covered. While the machine is filling, dissolve 3 cups of table or canning salt into the water. If the quilt in soiled you might also add a small amount of Woolite. Be certain all ingredients are dissolved. Arrange the quilt evenly around the agitator; be sure to cover and immerse the quilt completely. Allow the quilt to soak overnight or at least 6 hours. After the soak period, allow the Delicate cycle to continue on the cold setting (Note – the agitator used in home washing machines can and often will cause damage to hand stitching, so follow these guidelines at your own risk). Add ½ cup of clear vinegar to the final rinse. To dry the quilt, spread flat for a few hours (spread a sheet under and over it). After setting the dye you may want to treat your quilt with a fabric protector such as Scotch Guard before use. In any case, check the quilt for any spot that might need pre-wash treatment, being careful not to bleed colors.

    Check your quilt carefully for any loose stitches or frayed seams. Most quilts are pieced together using ¼ inch seams that may become frayed with use and/or washing. Always make repairs immediately upon discovery. Repairs can be made quite easily with a permanent adhesive called Fabri-Tac found in the craft section of most variety stores. Be mindful that it is permanent – use sparingly and carefully.

    The best way to “wash” your hand-made quilt is to spot clean with a mild detergent such as Woolite and water. It is not recommended to use “regular home” detergent as it will be too harsh. It is best to always air-dry quilts. If the tag reads DRY CLEAN ONLY, consult your local dry cleaner and have them test a small section for color fastness in your presence. However, dry cleaning is not the answer for ALL quilts, even if the tag says it can be. Dry cleaners will not set the dye first and they will likely give you no guarantee of results. Be sure to ask questions.

Return Policy

    You may notice a few stray threads or a small unfinished section. These imperfections do not warrant a return as they can easily be mended or marked down. If you encounter a large stain, large tear, or unfinished section, contact us within 4 days of receiving your shipment. We will send you a pre-numbered return authorization label. Any return without this label will be refused. Care has been taken in the preparation of the images of all our quilts. However, there may be some variation between the actual item color you receive and the image you see at our store. Variations, if noticed, are primarily due to the color settings on individual monitors used to view the images before ordering. The red/blue/green color and tint adjustments can cause this variation from the actual item and the image. When ordering from our store please be aware of this. For this reason, all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges are allowed with the exception of the issue of large stains, large tears, or unfinished sections.

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